Manama: A Saudi groom cancelled his wedding ceremony at the last minute after the bride's father insisted on getting half of his daughter's salary as long as he lived and on writing a clause to the effect in the marriage contract.

The request by the father was made as the groom was about to sign the marriage contract at the ceremony in Jazan in the south of Saudi Arabia.

Attempts failed by the 29-year-old groom to assure the father that his daughter could give him all her salary, but without inserting a clause in the contract, the El Bashayer news portal reported on Wednesday.

A massive intervention from religious figures and guests at the celebration also failed to make the father change his mind.

The groom thanked the guests for coming to the reception, invited them to have dinner, but told them that the marriage was cancelled, the report said.

According to El Bashayer, the father sat silently and refused to join the guests for the dinner while the bride had a nervous breakdown and tore the wedding dress.