Demolition work is under way in Jeddah's 26 undeveloped districts as part of the city's major redevelopment. Image Credit: AFP file

Cairo: A Saudi committee in charge of developing slum areas in the port city of Jeddah, has sent notifications to two more slum districts ahead of planned removal as part of a large-scale redevelopment scheme, a Saudi newspaper has reported.

Residents of Jeddah’s Al Adl and Al Fadl have been notified in the run-up to the razing works due to begin on October 1, Okaz added.

Twenty-nine districts out of a total of 32 slum districts have been removed to make room for redevelopment. The three remaining districts will be razed in October, the paper said.

The redevelopment programme aims at improving life quality and giving residents access to all basic services, mainly health care, education and housing, Okaz said.

The Slum Districts Committee has urged residents of those areas to swiftly finalise procedures to get compensation and present required documents via a designated e-portal.

Last month, Jeddah authorities quashed rumours that demolition of remaining slums in Jeddah will be postponed.

Slum demolitions recently resumed in Jeddah after they were put on hold during the past Islamic holy month of Ramadan that ended in early May.

Last February, authorities resumed a phased plan to develop a densely slum area in the holy city of Mecca, of which Jeddah is administratively part, with the aim of eliminating visual disfigurement of the city known as the Holy Capital of the kingdom.