Abu Dhabi: Saudi Arabia has appointed Dr Jinan Al Omran as director of Supply and Logistics in Prince Sultan Military Medical City, becoming the first woman appointed to lead logistics in the vertical.

Dr Jinan Al Omran, expressed her pride in her appointment as the first Saudi woman on this site, and told Okaz the state has overcome all difficulties for women to assume responsibilities in all areas of construction, stressing its intention to work with colleagues in the Supply and Logistics Department to achieve the aspirations of the leadership.

Al Omran revealed a package of short and long-term plans to improve the supply chain of medicines, medical and surgical materials, and non-medical materials, whether in transportation, storage, packaging, distribution, reverse transport and all logistical services, and raise their efficiency, developing the services provided to the facility, ensuring the supply chain localisation and focusing on supporting digital transformation.

“These goals will only be achieved with team spirit, development of all skills, and strengthening mechanisms for developing the performance of management that I aspire to be the perfect model among the catering and logistics departments in all sectors,” Al Omran said.

On the growth of logistics services in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, Al Omran said that the logistics industry is the backbone of global trade, and according to economic studies, the value of the logistics industry exceeds 750 billion dollars annually in the world, as it is one of the most developed areas during the last decade by up to 40%. It also employs between 15% and 20% of the workforce in developed countries, hence the interest in it within the Vision 2030 strategy.

Al Omran added that the logistical sector was able to withstand economic shocks, as the country attached great importance to developing the sector within its vision.

The Director of Supply and Logistics in Prince Sultan Medical Military City called for appointing women leaders in catering, supply chains and logistics services, as it is a promising field that accommodates every diligent and ambitious talents of both sexes without exception.

She added, “The aspirations of the Saudi citizen have no limits. We, as women, are part of the ambitious nation. We have a passion to work together, to keep pace with aspirations to achieve the best.”

On her most important project, she said, it is continuous development and benefiting from abroad to achieve the desired goals, whether through training courses or access to experiences, expertise or partnerships.