FILE PICTURE: A Saudi man uses his smartphone as he smokes shisha at a cafe in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Image Credit: REUTERS

Abu Dhabi: People in Saudi Arabia spend about three hours and two minutes a day on their smartphones, a survey carried out by a digital media expert revelaed.

The finding was comparable to how much people elsewhere spend — about three hours and 15 minutes a day on their smartphones, according to the app RescueTime.

This might seem fine, until you realize it amounts to 46 full days a year.

People in the UAE spend far more time on their smartphones with the average UAE resident spending six hours per day glued to their device, according to a nationwide YouGov/Omnibus survey.

More than a thousand people responded to a poll asking questions about their smartphone habits, with 87 per cent saying they would struggle to live without their phone for just 24 hours.

The Saudi survey was made by digital media expert Abdullah Al Qarawi.

Seventy per cent of the poll respondents were men and 30 per cent were women.

Al Qarawi said the COVID-19 pandemic, its accompanying precautionary measures and home quarantine had a role in the high rate of users of social media.

He pointed out that the number of users of social media in Saudi Arabia reached 25 million, while the number of phone users reached 44 million in 2020, due to the fact that some people own two or more devices.

According to Al Qarawi, out of the world population of 7.75 billion people, 4.54 billion use the internet, 5.19 billion use phones, and 3.80 billion use social media.

Social media users in Saudi Arabia

YouTube, 26 million

WhatsApp, 24 million

Snapchat,16 million

Twitter, 14 million

Facebook Messenger, 14 million

Facebook, 14 million

Instagram, 12 million

TikTok, 10 million