Hira Cave
Climb to Hira Cave surges in Ramadan for historical, geographic insights. Image Credit: SPA

The Hira Cultural District has become a major attraction for visitors and Umrah performers during Ramadan.

More than a million visitors from over 100 countries, drawn by the district's rich Islamic history and cultural immersion, flocked to the Hira Cultural District according to Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

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A key attraction is the Revelation Exhibition located at the foot of Mount Hira. This interactive exhibition takes visitors on a journey through the story of the revelation of the Quran to Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

Visitors can explore a collection of exhibits showcasing the Islamic and historical significance of Mecca. The exhibition's use of advanced technology effectively promotes awareness and education.

Hira Cave, a revered landmark in Mecca, has also seen a surge in visitors following its recent reopening and the construction of a new pathway. Umrah performers are eager to explore the cave and experience the spiritual atmosphere where Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) received his revelations.

The climb to the cave is particularly popular during the holy month, with visitors seeking to deepen their knowledge of its historical and geographical significance.

Spread over 67,000 square meters, the Hira Cultural District is a unique cultural and tourist destination overseen by a consortium consisting of the Royal Commission for Makkah City and the Holy Sites, the Makkah Region Emirate, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Tourism, the Holy Makkah Municipality, the Pilgrim Experience Program, and the General Authority for Endowments.

The district's development plan prioritizes honoring its historical significance, reflecting the stature of the Kingdom, and upholding its role as custodian of the holy sites. The project strives to create harmony between the natural beauty and historical value of the location, while acknowledging the religious, humanitarian, and historical importance of Mecca.