Jeddah: The information ministers of the members of the Arab coalition for supporting legitimacy in Yemen have agreed to develop a joint media strategy to thwart Iran’s sectarian designs in the region.

The meeting, held to in Jeddah on Saturday discussed ways of coordinating the media efforts of the coalition countries and providing the necessary media support for the military, political and humanitarian efforts in Yemen, in addition to activating the joint media discourse and developing channels of cooperation among the coalition countries.

The meeting brought together Sultan Ahmad Al Jaber, UAE’s Minister of State and Chairman of the National Media Council; Dr Awwad Saleh Al Awwad, Saudi Minister of Culture and Information; Muammar Al Aryani, Yemen’s Minister of Information; and Makram Mohammad Ahmad, head of Egypt’s Supreme Council for Media Regulation.

Al Jaber highlighted the pivotal role media can play in countering extremism and terrorism in the region and called for a bigger role in enhancing immunity of youth and communities against misleading ideas and destructive ideologies that do not represent Islam, which is based on modernity, tolerance and accepting the other.

He underlined that efforts would continue until uprooting of extremist ideologies and drying up its sources of funding. Al Jaber stressed the need to counter Iran’s interference that aims to destabilise the region’s security and stability by developing the necessary mechanisms that ensure ceasing Tehran’s interference.

He pointed out that common coordination and cooperation between the member countries of the coalition is instrumental to thwart the open war unleashed by Iran’s media machines and its tools.

The UAE minister called for the need to develop effective mechanisms to support and highlight the coalition’s military and humanitarian efforts for restoring peace in Yemen.

Yemeni Minister of Information Al Aryani called for an efficient media strategy to counter Tehran’s sectarian designs in the region. He also called for strengthening joint media cooperation within the coalition countries to support Yemeni media institutions in its fight against sectarian designs and terrorism.

Makram Mohammad Ahmad called for mobilising efforts to support the constitutional legitimacy in Yemen and restore the national Yemeni unity.