Malik Akram Kharma with his four children, Akram, Maya, Dana and Dima and wife in a file photo. Image Credit: X/snd_pal

Dubai: Five members of a Jordanian family lost their lives in a horrific traffic accident on the Mecca-Riyadh Road in Saudi Arabia on Monday.

The family, originally Palestinian with Jordanian nationality and residing in the UAE, was returning to the UAE after performing Umrah rituals, when their vehicle collided with another car en route to Abu Dhabi.

Haitham Khattab, head of the Humanitarian and Accidents Committee at Al Nashama Forum, identified the deceased as Malik Akram Kharma, the father, and his four children, Akram, Maya, Dana and Dima.

The car involved in the accident in Saudi Arabia. Image Credit: X/snd_pal

The mother of the four survived the accident and is receiving treatment at the King Fahd Hospital in the Hofuf region of Saudi Arabia. Her condition has been described as stable.

Local residents near the accident site in Saudi Arabia were quick to respond, rushing from their vehicles to call for emergency services and offer assistance.

A group of Saudi citizens remained at the hospital, accompanying the grieving mother during her ordeal.

Khattab said that the Jordanian embassy is coordinating with officials in both Jordan and Saudi Arabia to facilitate the repatriation of the bodies.