Cairo: Egyptian authorities have changed a street named after Qatar’s ruling family amid a months-long dispute with the Gulf emirate.

Governor of Giza Kamal Al Dali said on Sunday that the name of the Street of Al Hamad Al Thani, in the district of Boulaq Al Dakrour near Cairo, has been changed to Shaikh Ebrahim Nafae — after a local Muslim cleric.

“This decision has been taken after unanimous approval from the municipal council,” Al Dali said in a press statement.

He added that local authorities had received several requests from residents in the district demanding a change in street name. “There is public anger with the state of Qatar, which is supporting terrorist groups that threaten world security and stability,” the official said.

In June, Egypt, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain broke off diplomatic and transportation links with Qatar over its supporting and funding of terrorist organisations.

The four countries have also placed on lists of terrorism dozens of people and groups associated with Qatar.

Egypt has repeatedly requested Qatar to hand over fugitive Egyptian Islamists wanted for inciting or involvement in violence in their homeland. Qatar has snubbed the Egyptian request.

Qatar is a staunch sponsor of the Muslim Brotherhood, listed in Egypt as a terrorist organisation.