Muscat: Inspector General of Police and Customs, Lieutenant General Malik Bin Sulaiman Al Ma’amari, has promised serious action against errant police officers, if they are found guilty.

“I cannot confirm or deny the case in which traffic policemen were accused of transferring violations from a person’s register to another motorist’s,” Al Ma’amari told Arabic daily Al Shabiba in response to reports in Arabic daily about the alleged violations committed by police personnel.

Lt. Gen.Al Ma’amari said it was a serious issue as the trust of citizens and residents in the police apparatus was at stake.

“We are determined to severely deal with any personnel, if the incident is proved true,” he said.

He, however, said that it is up to the concerned courts to declare who is innocent and who is not, adding that some police personnel who were involved in violations and detained earlier have been duly punished as per the law.

He added “We have some cases of violations by personnel under investigation by the Public Prosecution”.

Since Lt. Gen. Al Ma’amari took office in 2004, ROP apparatus has proceeded with strict enforcement of traffic laws and regulation in an appreciable effort to limit traffic accidents of over-speeding, which have resulted in high death rates.

A number of radars were installed to monitor the main roads.

This system has led to registration of some two million over-speeding violations last year.

According to instructions issued by the police chief, no violation can be cancelled and no car registration can be renewed unless payment of the fine is made in full or in part, or transfer of part of the fine to the next year’s renewal fee.