Muscat: Oman’s foreign minister has defended his country’s position to remain neutral in the ongoing conflict in Yemen saying there were ‘reasons’ for not participating in Operation Decisive Storm.

Yousuf Bin Alawi said that such crises could only be resolved through dialogue.

“There are common passionate feelings among Yemenis and Omanis that prevent Oman from participating,” he said.

He said Oman will focus its attention on humanitarian relief to Yemenis affected by the war.

Meanwhile, sources told Gulf News that there were more than 50 injured Yemenis being treated in hospitals in Muscat, many of which were children.

Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Zarif met with Omani officials last week in Muscat before flying to Islamabad to meet with Pakistani officials.

Oman stands out amongst the GCC states as having a close and unique relationship with Iran. It often plays the role of mediator between Iran and other countries in the instance of any disputes.