Muscat Controversial Omani blogger Muawiyah Al Rawahi was released on Monday night after a 10-day detention.

"Yes I am out and in good health," Muawiyah told Gulf News over telephone last night.

In reply to a question, he said that he is not yet ready to say anything. "I am just out, give me some time and I will talk all about it," he said, adding that he had gone to the security agencies on his own and was not captured as being speculated on the social media and micro blogging site Tweeter.

He refused to talk any further about his detention or release.

Since his release, Muawiyah has posted two posts in Arabic in which he has apologised for his earlier post that may have hurt people. He stressed in his post that he was not apologising under any duress.

"I regret that I let down many [people], and I regret that I let down myself," he wrote.

Muawiyah created a storm by writing an antagonistic post, which was removed instantly. In that post he had hit out people across the broad spectrum.

The blogosphere in Oman was abuzz with speculations about the whereabouts of the outspoken blogger.

Muawiyah, who has been very open in expressing himself, has courted controversies since the time he began writing blog. The fearless journalist turned blogger had apparently written, in his now erased post, about him being working for the security agencies, being abused in the childhood and his sex escapades. He had also criticized the ruler as well as written about his lack of faith in religion.

In 2009, he had created a storm by asking for alcohol to be made available freely to Omanis also. There were over 1,000 posts on a local forum criticising him and even asking administrators to prevent him from posting on the forum.