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Parents of the youth and policemen engaged in a fight. Image Credit: Videograb

Dubai: A 21-year-old Kuwaiti citizen found himself in a heated altercation with a traffic patrol officer after being pulled over for reckless driving.

The incident unfolded when the officer instructed the young man to stop and join him in the patrol car. However, the situation took a dramatic turn when the young man’s mother arrived at the scene in her vehicle, followed by his father in another car.

Both parents vehemently opposed their son being detained, leading to a tense standoff with the officer. Faced with an escalating confrontation, the officer called for backup from additional patrols to help defuse the situation.

Matters took an ugly turn as both the young man and his mother ended up assaulting the police officer. The mother reportedly slapped the officer, while the young man jumped and leaped onto the policeman.

Authorities managed to regain control of the situation, and the young man was subdued.

Following the altercation, the young man’s vehicle was impounded and taken to the Jabriya police station. Charges against him are being documented and include offences such as insulting a public employee, assault and defamation, and multiple traffic violations.