Illustrative image. Image Credit: Supplied

Cairo: Kuwaiti authorities are investigating the mysterious theft of 520 manhole lids from drains on a main road, local media reported.

An engineer at the Ministry of Public Works reported to police that he and other workers at the ministry had discovered the theft of the lids while inspecting drains on Al Jahra road ahead of the expected rainfall season.

Police inspected the site of the reported theft and registered the incident as a theft of public money case that has been referred for an inquiry, Al Jarida newspaper quoted a security source as saying.

“This reported theft comes amid similar reports lodged with police in all governorates of the country about thefts involving manhole and rain drain lids and power transformers. There is a mystery about the persons standing behind these thefts,” the source added.

Security agencies are planning a meeting to discuss a scheme to protect public utilities from such “worrying” thefts, the source said.

Police plan to make use of surveillance cameras and traffic patrol units to expose and arrest perpetrators, the source added.

Governor of the Kuwaiti Capital Talal Khalid, meanwhile, called for tougher laws to deter offenders. “It is illogical to have 520 manhole lids stolen in broad daylight,” he added. “We need to reconsider laws to make them deterrent enough against outlaws,” he added.