An envoy of Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar visited three Gulf countries, including Kuwait, during Ramadan clandestinely to raise funds from donors who support jihad against the US forces in Afghanistan, a Kuwaiti newspaper has reported.

Quoting sources close to Mullah Omar, Al Rai Al Aam, the Kuwaiti newspaper said, "the envoy moved into the country with the help of his friends who had made all the arrangements for his visit." The names of the other two countries were not revealed.

The source also said that Osama Bin Laden is in a safe place in Afghanistan along with three members of his group and protected by the Pashtoon tribesmen and that both Al Qaida and the Taliban "are currently regrouping to carry out attacks on the US installations in Afghanistan".

Meanwhile, Adnan Al Omar, assistant undersecretary, Development Department at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour, said that the committee in charge of monitoring charities has registered complaints about 3,000 violations.

He said the ministry does not intend to limit the number of charities, but aims to reorganise them and get them to follow the rules.