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An aerial view of Kuwait on January 25, 2022. Kuwait is examining cases involving forged documents and dual nationalities. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: A total of 211 people have had their Kuwaiti citizenship revoked from March 4 till date.

The Supreme Committee for Citizenship is currently examining cases involving forged documents and dual nationalities, with each case under thorough review for potential withdrawal of nationality after confirming any dubious aspects.

The withdrawal cases cover various categories, including counterfeit documents, fraud, deception in obtaining citizenship, and holding dual nationalities. Additionally, non-Kuwaiti women who married Kuwaitis solely to acquire citizenship, divorcing shortly after naturalisation, are also subject to scrutiny.

In cases of dual nationality, individuals are faced with the choice of renouncing their Kuwaiti citizenship or maintaining it.

The Ministry of Interior has received 407 reports of fraudulent cases and dual nationalities through its hotline. These reports are undergoing careful investigation to confirm suspicions before being presented to the Supreme Committee for Citizenship for further action.

Decisions regarding citizenship withdrawal are made in accordance with relevant decrees and the directives of the Supreme Committee for Citizenship.