Kuwait City
An aerial view Kuwait City Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior has announced that approximately 35,000 expatriates have benefited from an amnesty campaign for residence law violators.

The campaign, which started in March, is set to conclude on June 17. During this period, many expatriates have either left Kuwait or adjusted their legal status, taking advantage of the grace period to rectify their residency situations without facing penalties.

The campaign was designed to address residency violations by allowing expatriates to either leave the country without paying fines or to regularize their status by fulfilling the necessary legal requirements.

The Ministry highlighted that expatriates have been able to leave through various exits without fines, transfer their residencies, or obtain travel documents to facilitate their departure if their passports were expired or lost.

The Ministry of Interior has urged all violators to take immediate action to comply with the amnesty terms by either leaving Kuwait or adjusting their status before the deadline.

Following the end of the grace period, the Ministry warned that strict legal actions would be taken against those who remain in violation, including deportation and potential re-entry bans.

The General Administration of Residency Affairs Investigations has also begun planning to intensify controls to apprehend those who have not utilized this opportunity to rectify their residency status.