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The unpaid bill of the Kuwaiti man amounted to KD10,000 (around Dh120,000). Image Credit: Yasmena Al Mulla/Gulf News

Cairo: A luxury hotel in Kuwait has accused a citizen of having refused to pay the bill after he had stayed there for 97 days posing as a diplomat, a local newspaper has said.

Al Anba, quoting a security source, reported that the hotel management keep silent over requesting the guest to settle his payment during that period as the man appeared as a wealthy man.

The unpaid bill amounted to KD10,000 (around Dh120,000).

The hotel said in a complaint to police that the man had rented a suit since February 16 and has not paid the cost since then. When police called the man, he said he could not afford to pay the bill at present, according to the source.

“Investigation agencies will also question the citizen on the claim by the hotel that he impersonated a diplomat,” said the source, adding that legal procedures are being taken in the case.

Neither the name of the hotel nor the man’s job background was disclosed.