Manama: A Kuwaiti tweeter has been arrested by police after reportedly penning offensive posts against Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), his wife and companions on the micro blogging network.

In a statement, the interior ministry said that its security agency arrested a man for "posting expressions that denigrated religions, offended Prophet Mohammad, his companions and his wife."

The man is being investigated ahead of transferring him to the public prosecution, the statement said.

"The ministry deeply regrets the abuse by some people of social networks to target religious icons and Islamic spiritual values. The ministry will not hesitate to arrest anyone who attacks religions and religious beliefs and to take the necessary legal measures."

Initial reports said that Hamad Al Naqi denied he had posted disparaging remarks on his account and said that it had been hacked for some time.

However, reports early this morning said that Al Naqi admitted that he had posted the disparaging tweets and that his account had not been hacked.

According to news site Sabr, the tweeter's family issued a statement in which they distanced themselves from his action.

News of his arrest divided Kuwaiti lawmakers and bloggers along sectarian faults.

Several Sunni MPs called for stringent measures against the tweeter, arguing that attacking the prophet amounted to a heinous crime, and called for a rally to put pressure on the authorities to go ahead with the case.

However, some Shiite lawmakers said that Al Naqi could be innocent and that the police should arrest those who hacked his account and used it to post offensive tweets in order to divide the nation.

Last month, Saudi Arabia was rocked by news of tweets targeting Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Hamza Kashagri, 23, was arrested in Malaysia at the request of Saudi authorities after he fled Saudi Arabia, reportedly seeking refuge in New Zealand, amid popular calls for stringent action against him for blasphemy.