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Dubai: A Kuwaiti citizen has initiated a divorce lawsuit against his wife, citing her affinity for olives as the principal cause of damage.

The peculiar case, which has garnered attention on social media platforms, was detailed by lawyer Abdulaziz Al Yahya on his “X” account, shedding light on this rare legal battle unfolding within the family court.

According to Al Yahya, the husband’s decision to seek a divorce was influenced by several factors, but it was his wife’s fondness for olives that primarily drove him to legal action.

The husband’s grievance, as stated in the lawsuit, centres around his inability to coexist with his wife’s preference for olives, a penchant he finds intolerable due to his aversion to the smell of the fruit.

Al Yahya elaborated on the husband’s attempts to address the issue, highlighting that despite explaining his dislike for the smell of olives to his wife and the discomfort it caused him, their differences remained unresolved.

The wife’s steadfast refusal to give up olives, as per the lawyer’s account, ultimately led the husband to file a lawsuit seeking damages for the alleged harm inflicted upon him by his wife’s culinary tastes.