Manama: Awan, Kuwait's tenth Arabic daily newspaper, on Monday announced that it was closing down.

The paper launched in November 2007 attributed its decision to "strong business reasons."

"We have over the last two years and a half sought to provide a professional and balanced performance to serve our nations and its interests," Mohammad Al Rumaihi, the editor in chief, wrote on the front page of the paper's last edition.

"As we say farewell, we would like to pay homage to all the colleagues who have devoted themselves and built on their experience to help produce a professional and objective paper."

Beside its coverage of politics, arts, culture and sports, Awan had allocated a page for expatriates living in Kuwait under “Awan Communities”.

Awan is the second paper to shut down in two years after Al Sawat closed down in 2009.

Kuwait, often praised for its exceptional freedom of the press, has 17 newspapers in Arabic and three in English for a total population of 3.3 million people, including 2.2 non-Arabic speaking foreigners mainly from Asia.