Manama: Police in Kuwait are looking for a man who smashed a woman's car after she ignored his attempts to draw her attention and to take his mobile number.

According to Al Rai daily, the woman was driving her car in Salmiya, the main shopping and restaurant area in Kuwait City, when a young man started following her and attempted to draw her attention, using signs and uttering sweet words.

However, as she ignored him, he became furious and smashed her car several times before driving away from the scene.

The woman, although shocked by the incident, wrote down his car plate number and contacted the police who have launched a manhunt for the suspect.

Police in Kuwait have often to deal with repeated attempts by young men to draw the attention of girls and women, mainly in shopping complexes.

Earlier this month, nine men had the hair on their heads shaved by police after they were caught harassing girls in Kuwait.

The men were arrested in Salmiya area and referred to the police where they were given the punishment.

In March, three teenagers had the hair on their heads shaved off by the police after they were caught using a loudspeaker to recite love verses and to give their mobile numbers to girls leaving their high school.

The three youngsters parked their car near the school and sought the attention of the girls by using a loudspeaker to shower them with expressions of love and flirtatious messages. In the process, they gave their phone numbers in the hope that some girls would call them.