Kuwait police Hawally district
Kuwaiti police officers in a file photo. Image Credit: AFP

Cairo: Kuwaiti police have opened an inquiry into an exchange of accusations between a local hospital and a family of a dead patient.

The hospital has filed a report with police accusing the Kuwaiti family of going on the rampage in the place after one of their members had died, a local newspaper has said.

The hospital lodged the complaint with the police station in the area of Nugra in Hawalli governorate, accusing the family of causing panic among patients in the place, Al Anba added quoting a security source who did not clarify if the purported attack resulted in damage.

“A legal representative of the hospital reported that an old diabetic Kuwaiti man was admitted into the hospital in a very advanced condition. His foot was amputated after his family’s consent, but he later died. His family reacted and embarked on the above-mentioned behavior,” the source added.

For their side, the deceased’s family claimed a medical blunder caused his death. Police are looking into the claims made by both sides.

In recent months, Kuwaiti media reported several violence incidents inside medical facilities.