Manama: Kuwait’s cabinet on Thursday set up a commission to oversee the implementation of the constitutional court order for dissolution of the 2009-2011 Parliament and the legislative elections in February.

On Wednesday, the constitutional court annulled the 2012 legislative elections, ruling that the decrees to dissolve the parliament elected in 2009 and to hold polls in February this year were void.

“The commission will seek assistance from experts and specialists from within the government agencies and from outside to ensure full compliance with the ruling,” Shaikh Mohammad Al Abdullah Al Mubarak, the information minister, said on Thursday. “The issue that the cabinet faced in implementing the court’s ruling is that the case is extremely delicate and complex, and our goal is to be as transparent as possible,” he said at a press conference. The ministers of justice, endowments and Islamic Affairs, information, trade and industry, communication and social affairs and labour will be members of the mixed commission.

Issuing a new decree on the dissolution of the parliament and on calling for fresh elections in 2012 is closely linked to executive measures, Shaikh Mohammad said.

Earlier in the morning, the cabinet held a special meeting to discuss the measures needed following the court’s ruling.

Sources in Kuwait City anticipated the Emir to announce the date of the new elections in his speech in the last ten days of Ramadan, expected to start on July 21.

The National Action Bloc called upon the 2009 parliament to convene quickly to complete the constitutional requirements to dissolve it.

The unexpected Constitutional Court ruling on Wednesday means that the lawmakers elected in 2009, including the first four women to become MPs in Kuwait’s history, regain their seats.

The court made the decision based on a case against lawmakers elected on February 2, 2012 and filed by candidates and voters in the First, Second, third and Fourth constituencies.

Legal experts said that under the ruling, the 2009-2011 parliament would convene and submit a request to the Emir to dissolve the parliament. Fresh elections will be held within two months of the dissolution.

All laws endorsed by the 2012 parliament will be pending and the next parliament will make its decision on them, news sites reported.

The government initially cancelled the candidacy of some parliament hopefuls, but the administrative court reinstated them.