Traffic resumes at the Kuwait-Iraq border crossing. Image Credit: Al Qabas

Cairo: After a closure of about 21 months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kuwait and Iraq have reopened a major border crossing amid tight health and security measures.

The crossing, known in Kuwait as Abadli, reopened for passengers on Wednesday. Around 40 Kuwaitis and Iraqis travelled through the facility on the first day of reoperation, a Kuwaiti security official said.

“The outlet is open for 24 hours for departing people, but closes at 8pm for the arrivals,” Brig Ali Al Banai, the acting chief of border crossings, told Al Qabas newspaper. He urged travellers to abide by health and security measures.

Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sabah Al Khalid has said that reopening the crossing aims to increase economic cooperation, trade exchange and people’s movement. The facility is the only border crossing between Kuwait and Iraq.

The crossing was shut down in March 2020 to travellers and trade due to concerns over COVID-19 spread.