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Kuwait city skyline. Image Credit: Reuters

Dubai: Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior has issued a travel ban preventing its members from visiting countries plagued by ongoing unrest and instability.

The significant directive was formally issued through Circular No. 186/2023 by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, Lieutenant General Anwar Al Barjas.

The countries listed under this travel restriction include Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Sudan.

Police officers are now prohibited from visiting these nations without prior authorisation from their respective superiors, which may include the head of the sector, assistant undersecretary, or director general depending on the circumstances.

The decision aims to ensure the safety and security of its police personnel and preserve the well-being of those entrusted with maintaining law and order in the country.

Importantly, the circular also emphasises the consequences for violating these travel restrictions. Any member of the police force found in violation will be subject to legal accountability, following the provisions of administrative order No. 3/1994, which pertains to standing orders for members of the police force and the associated instructions.

In response to this directive, the Ministry has called upon all its agencies to implement Circular No. 186/2023, thereby maintaining a consistent and cohesive approach to this critical safety measure.