STOCK Kuwait dinar
Illustrative image. Image Credit: shutterstock

Cairo: Kuwaiti police are hunting for two anonymous men who posed as police personnel and robbed a Pakistani driver of KD600, a Kuwaiti newspaper has reported.

The victim, a crane driver, provided police in Al Jahra governorate in north-west Kuwait of details about the car used by the two men in fleecing him of his money, added Al Anba. The car is believed to be a stolen one.

The 41-year-old expatriate was driving the crane when two men in their 20s stopped him and told him they were plainclothes police, a security source said.

One was wearing the traditional Kuwaiti outfits while the second was clad in a sports wear. They requested checking the expatriate’s ID card and his wallet. When he did, they seized the wallet with the KD600 inside and sped off, according to the source.