The photo posted by Kuwaiti portal Al Majilis. Image Credit: Twitter

Cairo: Kuwaiti authorities had removed a big Christmas tree set up in a famous shopping centre in the country after objections that the seasonal decoration contradicts Islamic Sharia and traditions, Kuwaiti media reported.

The decoration taking the shape of the Christmas tree had been removed from the Avenues, Kuwait’s largest shopping mall, in response to complaints from several citizens that the structure runs counter to the Sharia and Kuwaiti traditions, Kuwaiti portal Al Majilis said.

There was no official comment.

Last August, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Commerce pulled down a statue of the ancient Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, displayed at a mall shop after online complaints.

The removal of the statue came after a photo was shared on social media at the time by a citizen calling on the mall’s management to take down the statues, saying: “We are in a Muslim country.”