kuwait female judges

Abu Dhabi: Kuwait’s Attorney General, Dirar Al Asousi, approved the promotion of eight female prosecutors to the position of judges in a historic move to empower women, Kuwaiti media reported.

“In support of the judiciary, a group of prosecutors, including eight women, were promoted for the first time, after they had been involved in the prosecution service for more than five years, and involved in investigating various cases,” Al Asousi told Al Qabas.

He added the new judges will sit for a one and a half month course at the Kuwait Institute for Legal and Judicial Studies, to gain more experience in various branches of law.

“This is our plan that will be annually for the qualification of women prosecutors, to complete the plan for the Kuaitisation of the judiciary,” Al Asousi said.

Four heads of prosecution were promoted to be judges along with 54 prosecution officials including Lulwa Al Ghanem, Fatima Abdel Moneim, Fatima Al Kandari, Fatima Al Farhan, Bashayer Al Rakdan, Rawa Al Tabtabae, Sanabel Al Houti, and Bashayer Abdul Jalil.

The list of promoted prosecutors also include Nasser Al Badel, Faisal Al Mutairi, Khaled Al Tahous, Ali Bin Naji, Abdel Wahab Al Moaili, Ahmed Al Khalaf, Saad Al Daijani, Muhammad Al Sanoot, Hassan Al Mulla, Abdulaziz Al Faras, Abdullah Al Ghareeb, Abdul Rahman Al Rifa’i, Fahd Al-Asousi, Shamlan Al Shamlan, Abdulaziz Al Turiji, Tariq Al-Sweit, Khaled Al Kandari, Fahd Al Atal, Suhaib Nabil, Ahmed Al Hajri, Ahmad Al-Tabtabae, Ahmad Al-Mutairi, Sulaiman Al-Shunn, Abdul Rahman Al Neck, Omar Al Muqata, Bandar Al Dhafiri, Dhafer Al Hajri, Abdul Rahman Al Saraawi, Dhari Al Anzi, Mohammed Al Khudhari, Abdulaziz Al Moadadi, Mohammed Al Nouibet, Ayed Al Marri, Othman Al Rabah, Hassan Al Rashidi, Ahmed Al Mutairi, Ahmed Al Failakawi, Amer Al Mutairat, Mohammed Al Anzi, Falah Al Rashidi, Sultan Al Mutairi, Dawood Ali, Fahd Bouresli, Abdel Hadi Al Ajmi, and Mohammed Al Mutairi.