Manama: A Kuwaiti blogger held for allegedly posting abusive remarks against Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) will know about his fate next week.

A court said that Hamad Naqi would be tried on May 21 on charges of denigrating Islam and insulting the Prophet, disseminating false and misleading claims and promoting a sect that aims to undermine security in the country.

However, Naqi denied the charges and said that his Twitter account had been hacked.
Several Kuwaiti lawmakers last month said they would launch public protests if Naqi is not punished for his alleged blasphemy.

Kuwait’s parliament in April overwhelmingly endorsed an amendment to the penal code to make insulting God and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and his wife Aysha and companions punishable by death. The bill needs to be approved by the Emir Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmad before becoming law.

Last month, Kuwaiti writer Mohammad Al Mulaifi was sentenced to seven years in prison and a fine after he was charged with spreading false information about the internal situation in Kuwait and publishing writings that fuelled sectarian struggles and conflicts.

The writer reportedly accused a segment of the Kuwaiti society of harbouring loyalty to another country based on their religious beliefs and of targeting Imam Al Mahdi.