Manama: Kuwait security forces have arrested a man of Iraqi origin for alleged intelligence links with Iraq, a Kuwaiti daily said on Sunday.

According to Al Anba, the man who was arrested on Friday was staying illegally in the country and has provided Iraq with sensitive information about vital facilities in Kuwait.

Citing security sources it did not name, the daily said that the spy referred to as "Abu Ahmad" and who reportedly works for a communications company was arrested upon information that he was collaborating with the Iraqi intelligence and supplying it with classified data, the daily said.

Initial investigations revealed that the spy had close ties with people he met at chalets and diwnaiyas, social gathering places, in the Hawalli area. The newspaper said that he had admitted having links with the Iraqi intelligence services.

The man also admitted that he was a former military staff under the former Saddam Husain regime. He entered Kuwait illegally and has been for years claiming that he was a Biddon, a stateless person.

The spy was allegedly discovered after he sought to enlist a Kuwaiti national who reported the case to the security forces, Al Anba said. Relations between Baghdad and Kuwait City are going through tense times amid rifts over moves by Kuwait to build a seaport.