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Dubai: The Indian Embassy in Kuwait has introduced a new provision granting multiple entry tourist visas to Kuwaiti nationals, according to Dr. Adarsh Swaika, Indian Ambassador to Kuwait.

The visa allows Kuwaiti visitors to enter India several times over a span of six months and provides them with the flexibility to visit other South Asian countries and re-enter India multiple times within the visa’s validity.

Dr Swaika said that the embassy offers a variety of visa types, tailored to different purposes such as tourism, business, education, and employment.

Prospective travellers must begin their visa application process online, followed by the submission of necessary documents and payment of fees at one of the embassy’s consular services and visa centres, conveniently located in three different areas within Kuwait.

The ambassador noted that visas are typically approved for Kuwaiti citizens within a day. He also shared some statistical insights, revealing that the embassy has issued approximately 5,000 visas in the first eight months of this year alone. This follows the 6,000 tourist visas granted the previous year.