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Cairo: Kuwaiti police had arrested two daughters accused of fatally stabbing and beheading their mother after a dispute in a murder that has sent shockwaves across the country, local media reported.

Initial investigations revealed that one girl overpowered the mother while the other fatally stabbed her using a kitchen knife, Al Anba said.

Alerted about the murder in the area of Doha, part of Kuwait City, police went to the site where they found the mother’s head placed inside a garbage plastic bag in the house, the paper added.

Both suspects were arrested inside the house where the knife used in the crime was also seized.

The two girls admitted to having killed their mother after an unspecified row that developed into a quarrel, Al Rai newspaper quoted a security source as saying.

The victim and her two daughters are stateless Bidoons, the source added.

The two girls, whose ages were not disclosed face charges of premeditated murder.