The world's largest national draped flag, to fly high during Bahrain's National Day next week, will arrive today, the event's organisers said yesterday.

The move is part of 33rd National Day celebrations, which will get underway on Monday with the raising of the flag, 160-metre long, 96-metre wide and weighs 3,200kg, at the National Stadium. National Day will be celebrated on December 16.

"The gesture is a show of patriot support and commitment to the government and people of Bahrain," said Shaikh Ahmad Bin Ali Al Khalifa, chairman of MTC-Vodafone, Bahrain, which is sponsoring the event. The celebrations are organised by a Ministry of Information committee, headed by Ebrahim Noor, the public relation manager at the ministry.

The flag is qualified to get a new breakable record under the Guinness Book of World Records and "again strengthening Bahrain's leading position on the region and world's maps," Noor said.

"The largest flag now available in the world is in California, and a team from the Guinness World Records will be in Bahrain during the National Day celebrations to finalise the flag's entry into the book of records," he said.

The flag, made in China by Jiaxing Maosen Flag Company, consumed approximately 13,500 metre of finest clothes fabric.