20210404 arrest, handcuff, police
Legal action is being taken against the suspect and he will be referred to public prosecution. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: A 36-year-old expat has been arrested in Bahrain for making a hole in the roof of a vehicle and stealing valuables, local media reported.

A video of the robbery has gone viral on social media showing the man cutting through the roof and fleeing after stealing valuables and money from the vehicle. 

The man, according to police, caused damage to the car during his attempt to steal. The vehicle owner had also reported losing more than BD1,000 from the car.

The Capital Police Directorate said the incident occurred on May 23, 2022. CCTV footage and other evidence from the crime scene helped police identify and arrest the suspect. Police said they arrested the suspect as they were investigating another crime committed by the same suspect.