A family member of Bahiya Al Aradi, a woman who was killed during riots, cries while holding a poster of her during Aradi's funeral procession held in Manama on March 22, 2011. Aradi died after suffering gunshot wounds to the head and disappearing the day security forces launched a crackdown against protesters, Al Wefaq said. Image Credit: Reuters

Manama: Bahrain's lower chamber has accepted the resignation of 11 lawmakers representing Al Wefaq, the largest bloc until Tuesday morning.

However, the chamber postponed its decision on the remaining seven resignations of the 18-member bloc voted in last October.

Al Wefaq lawmakers submitted their resignation in February, three days after the death of the first victims amid protesters pressing for more reforms.

However, the lower chamber said that it would not accept the resignations and gave Al Wefaq MPs two months to reconsider their unprecedented move.

But the two month-grace period was dropped under pressure from constituents and several sitting lawmakers called for an immediate debate on the resignations and following two postponements, the MPs on Tuesday agreed to make their final decision.

A move by MP Abdul Halim Murad to have a secret session was defeated after the legal consultant said that only the speaker or the government or five MPs could make such a request.

Each of the 18 names representing Al Wefaq was called out with the MPs voting on whether to accept his resignation. However, the decision on eight resignations was postponed.


Resignations accepted:

  • Abdul Jalil Khalil, chairman of the bloc
  • Khalil Al Marzouq, first deputy speaker
  • Jawad Fairouz, chairman of the public facilities and environment
  • Mohammad Al Mizal, deputy chairman of the legislative and legal committee
  • Hadi Al Mousawi
  • Salman Abdullah Salem
  • Abdul Majid Al Sibaa
  • Matar Ibrahim Matar
  • Ali Al Aswad
  • Jasem Hussain
  • Hassan Sultan


Resignations postponed:

  • Abdali Mohammad Hassan, chairman of the service committee
  • Abdul Hussain Metghawi, deputy chairman of foreign affairs, defence and national security committee
  • Jameel Kadhem
  • Abdullah Al A'ali
  • Hassan Marzouq
  • Mohammad Majid
  • Ali Rashed Al Asheeri