King Fahad Causeway, Bahrain’s only terrestrial link, was the major route used by tourists to arrive in Bahrain. Image Credit: Twitter

Manama: Bahrain’s Court of Appeals on Tuesday upheld the death sentence and 13 life terms in jail for defendants found guilty of carrying out an act of terrorism that killed one police officer and injured many civilians and officers.

The court also upheld jail terms ranging between three and 15 years for other defendants as part of a ruling by the high criminal court on February 1 for the attack in Abu Sabi, west of the capital Manama.

The court revoked the Bahraini citizenship of 25 defendants and ordered 22 to pay for the damages they caused in the attack carried out on August 28, 2015.

Several suspects were arrested on August 29 and the investigation revealed that 32 people were involved in the case. The police were able to arrest 20 suspects.

Charges brought against them included forming a terror group, recruiting members, killing one officer and attempting to kill others.

The prosecution said that its charges were based on testimonies from public order officers and witnesses and confessions from the defendants.

Under Bahrain’s laws, the defendants can take their case to the Court of Cassation, the highest court in the country.