Bahrain's National Democratic Action Society "Waad", a liberal society, was suspended on Thursday.

"All its offices were sealed and its website was shut down until further notice," the military prosecution said.

According to the statement, the decision to suspend the society which ran in the parliamentary elections in 2006 and 2010, but without success was attributed to the publication of a controversial communiqu.

"The society's communiqu was critical of the armed forces and disseminated false news to cause sedition and divisions between citizens. It also attacked the investigation measures taken by the military prosecution on issues related to the declaration of the state of national safety, even though there was a gag on publishing reports on them. Abdul Hamid Abdul Rahman, the society assistant secretary-general, was summoned for questioning on the communiqu issued by the society," the prosecutor said

Ebrahim Sahreef, Waad's secretary-general, was last month arrested for his alleged role in the protests at the Pearl Roundabout.

He has led the liberal society since 2005 when its first leader Abdul Rahman Al Nuaimi lapsed into deep coma.

Waad, meaning "promise" in Arabic, had offices in Manama and in Muharraq.