Manama: A Bahraini court ordered a woman who walked out of her husband’s home to return.

She has threatened to socially disgrace her husband by shouting if he did not take her to her family home, a lawyer said.

The decision was issued by a Sharia appeals court that revoked an earlier ruling by a lower court blocking the man’s request for the wife’s return, Bahraini newspaper Al Bilad quoted the husband’s lawyer as saying.

“The wife had left the house without a religious justification, or an acceptable reason. She threatened the husband that she would cause him a scandal in the district where they lived by shouting if he did not take her to her family’s home,” the lawyer said.

Faced with the threat, the husband bowed to her demand, according to the lawyer. The wife has since spurned requests by the man to come home.

“She refuses although the husband has started building a house for them in response to her request in an area where her family is residing,” the lawyer added.

The appeals court ordered the wife’s return after witnesses testified that the woman had left the house of her own choice and against her spouse’s will.

Neither the names nor ages of the couple were disclosed. It was not unclear how long they have been married.