Manama: Bahrain has pledged $10 million (Dh36.7m)to assist the African-led International Support Mission to Mali (AFISMA), authorised by the UN Security Council in December.

The contribution to the UN fund is premised on Bahrain’s strong belief in supporting all regional and international efforts to boost security, stability and combating terrorism, said Shaikh Khalid Bin Ahmad Al Khalifa, the foreign minister.

Bahrain fully appreciated the regional and international support to Mali to preserve its sovereignty, territorial integrity, the dignity of its people and its rich cultural heritage under the rule of law and peaceful political action, the minister said in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa where he attended the donor conference at the African Union (AU) headquarters.

More than 60 countries are taking part in the conference held as part of an international drive to support Mali.

In December, the United Nations Security Council approved the African role in Mali, but did not determine who would fund it.

Japan, the US, France, the African Union and the European Union have also pledged financial support.

Several African countries have committed to dispatch soldiers to support Mali’s army.

Bahrain last year pledged support to Syrian refugees in Jordan and Turkey. In November, Shaikh Nasser Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the chairman of the Manama-based Royal Charity Foundation, opened a four-school education compound in Zaatari, the camp set up around 80 kilometres north east of the Jordanian capital Amman to accommodate thousands of Syrian refugees, mostly children.

Shaikh Nasser also signed an agreement with the Turkish authorities to build a hospital for Syrian refugees who fled their country for Turkey.