20240612 manama souq
The Civil Defence continues its efforts to extinguish the fire in Manama Souq. Image Credit: X/Ministry of Interior

Dubai: More than 25 shops were destroyed and several people injured when a huge fire broke out in the old Manama market on Wednesday. The blaze initially ignited in a multi-storey residential building before spreading rapidly to neighboring shops and commercial facilities, according to reports from Bahrain's Al Ayam newspaper.

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Bahraini Civil Defense teams were quick to respond, establishing a substantial security cordon around the area to prevent the fire from spreading further into the densely populated market. Despite these efforts, the fire has resulted in significant damage and disruption.

The Ministry of Interior of Bahrain stated that 16 vehicles and 63 officers and personnel have been deployed to combat the fire. The statement also highlighted the continuous and intensive efforts by the Civil Defense to extinguish the fire and to ensure the safety and security of the area.

Further updates are expected as the civil defense teams still work tirelessly to manage the situation and provide assistance to those affected.