Manama: Bahrain police have arrested 11 people suspected of involvement in a terrorist attack that resulted in the death of a policeman and serious injuries to two others.

The attack was carried out on April 16 in Karbabad village, west of capital Manama.

The interior ministry in a statement on Friday evening said they were still working on arresting more suspects.

“The crime teams and other police investigators responded to the scene shortly after the incident was reported,” the ministry said. “Forensic evidence and information gathered during the investigation led to the identification and arrest of the suspects. The investigation will continue until all suspects are identified and arrested.”

The ministry named four suspects, a university student, a high school graduate, a private company employee and a private company security guard, who “plotted, prepared and were involved in the crime”.

Four other suspects involved in the attack that killed Mohammad Tanweer were tasked with monitoring security patrols. They were three high school students and a private company driver and were all arrested.

One arrested suspect, a technician at a private company, filmed the terrorist attack, the ministry said.

The last four suspects, who sheltered the terrorists and hid evidence, were two university students, a high school student and a driver at a private company.

“The arrested suspects confessed to the crime, outlining the various roles each of them had played before, during and after the attack. This included monitoring the movements of police jeeps, preparing the weapons and attacking the police patrol with Molotov cocktails,” the ministry said.

The case was referred by the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science to the Public Prosecution.

In its statement, the ministry reiterated its commitment to deploying “all efforts to reinforce security in all parts of Bahrain to ensure the safety of the public.”

The attack in Karbabad was widely condemned in Bahrain and abroad.

“The United States condemns in the strongest terms the gasoline bomb attack in Karbabad,” the US embassy in Manama said in a statement. “We extend our deepest condolences to the family of the slain officer and the people of Bahrain. We urge all segments of Bahraini society to condemn such violence and to do everything possible to prevent it.”