The skyline in Bahrain Image Credit: File photo

Manama: The Cassation Court in Bahrain upheld the death penalty for two defendants in the case of establishing and funding an illegal terrorist group, the murder of police officers and the attempted murder of others.

Other charges in the case include detonating and possessing explosives, training in the use of weapons and explosives for terrorist purposes, making flammable materials, harbouring convicted persons and fugitives, failing to report terrorist plans, entering and exiting the Kingdom illegally, Ahmad Al Hammadi, the head of the anti-terror prosecution said.

The High Criminal Court on March 29, 2017, sentenced two defendants to death, five to life in prison, six to ten years, one to five years, two to three years, two to two years and four to six months. Two suspects were acquitted.

The court also ordered the revocation of the Bahraini nationality from nine defendants and the payment of BD6,640 for damages.

On October 28, the High Court of Appeals reviewed the verdicts and upheld them, Al Hammadi said.

Two police officers were killed and six were injured in the terrorist attack that occurred on July 28, 2015 in Sitra.

The investigation revealed the details about the establishment of the terror group upon directives from defendants staying in Iran.

The group was tasked with targeting police officers and was provided funds by other defendants, including a member of a political society.

One of the defendants put on trial received assistance to exit Bahrain and head for Iran where he received training on the use of explosives and weapons. He was also provided with assistance in re-entering Bahrain clandestinely.