181106 Moon sighting
UAE, like other Islamic countries, determines the start of Ramadan through moon sighting. Image Credit: File

Dubai: Most Islamic countries, which began the month of Shaaban on Sunday, February 11, 2024, are now preparing to sight the crescent moon for Ramadan on Sunday, March 10.

According to the International Astronomical Center, the central conjunction is slated to occur on that day at 9am in the morning GMT, with the moon anticipated to set after sunset across nearly all regions of the Islamic world.

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Consequently, it is expected that many countries will commence the month of Ramadan on Monday, March 11.

However, the possibility of sighting the crescent on Sunday, March 10, seems unlikely based on various criteria for crescent visibility outlined in scientific research.

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Notably, scholars including Ibn Tariq, Wutheringham, Maunder, Parwin, Elias, and astronomical observatories like SAAO, along with researchers Yallop and Odeh, concur that the crescent will not be visible on that day across the Arab and Islamic world, whether with the naked eye or using a telescope.

However, the use of a telescope may render the crescent visible from certain parts of the Americas, particularly in the western regions.

Consequently, for countries that necessitate the accurate sighting of the crescent from within the Islamic world, it is projected that Ramadan will commence on Tuesday, March 12.