Firoz Merchant being felicitated by HE Colonel Mohammed Yusuf Al-Matrooshi-1708518603727
UAE businessman Firoz Merchant receiving facilitation shield from Colonel Mohammed Yusuf Al Matrooshi for his philanthropist work. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai-based Indian businessman Firoz Merchant has donated Dh1 million to help more than 900 prisoners released from jails across the UAE. Merchant who is known for his philanthropy work, has taken the initiative to pay fines of prisoners to ensure their release and reunit them with their families ahead of the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Owner of Pure Gold in Dubai, Merchant has been involved in pensioners’ welfare as part to of his ‘The Forgotten Soceity’ initiative founded in 2008. He has donated Dh25million so far on the prisoners’ welfare and to obtain the release of more than 20,000 prisoners since 2008 with the help of police officials at the central jails across the UAE. He not only pays their debts and fines but also gives them air tickets to help them fly back to their home countries.

This year, Merchant has set target to facilitate the release of more 3000 prisoners. “I am grateful for the support the government officials to help release of prisoners,” he said.

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Rare commitment

In a statement, Colonel Mohammed Yusuf Al-Matrooshi, Deputy Director of the General Administration of Punitive and Correctional Establishments in Ajman, said: “It is rare to see such commitment and concern towards the rehabilitation of prisoners by giving them a helping hand. We are indeed proud to work with Mr Merchant in these endeavours and see him give so many individuals a second chance restart their lives with their families.”