Oud Prophets mosque saudi
An array of special fragrances like amber, musk, and oud is used at the Prophet's Mosque in Saudi Arabia during Ramadan. Image Credit: SPA file

Dubai: The General Authority for the Care of the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque has revealed that it is conducting more than 35 weekly oud tours, offering visitors to the Prophet’s Mosque a luxurious sensory experience. Through the infusion of over a kilo of high-quality natural oud and 120 grams of pure oud oil, these tours aim to create an atmosphere of tranquility and spirituality for worshippers and guests.

In addition to these tours, the General Authority is committed to enhancing its services at the Prophet’s Mosque to accommodate the needs of worshippers around the clock.

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This includes ongoing sterilisation and cleaning operations across vast areas within the mosque and its surrounding squares, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for worshippers during the five daily prayers.

Hundreds of workers are engaged in these cleaning and disinfection programmes, employing a combination of manual and mechanical equipment to sanitise all parts of the mosque, including its squares and doors.

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Moreover, a dedicated team cleans approximately 20,000 carpets per day, particularly during peak hours and on Fridays.

To further enhance cleanliness and fragrance within the mosque, air propulsion devices are deployed at the entrances to the parking lots leading to the mosque’s squares.

Following the cleaning and disinfection processes, a fragrance programme is implemented throughout the mosque, welcoming worshippers with a serene ambiance as they perform their rituals in areas such as Al Rawdah Al Sharifa and corridors.