Missing stock
Image Credit: File photo

Islamabad: Punjab’s Divisional Commissioner Zulfiqar Ahmed Ghuman has directed the police and the municipal department of the city to start door-to-door search for his pet dog that went missing on Tuesday from his house.

Local police and administration staff were given a one-point agenda: to find the German shepherd.

Acting on the orders of the Commissioner, the police and municipal officials have used loudspeakers on autorickshaws to provide information about the dog.

The local people are also being warned that strict action would be taken if the dog was found in someone’s house.

The Commissioner’s office clarified that the Municipal Corporation of Gujranwala was tasked to recover the dog and it went on to broadcast the message on the streets.

The commissioner lodged a missing complaint for the dog and demanded a ‘house-to-house search’.

Put GPS on your dog

Netizens took to social media posting comments about the commissioner’s fondness for his pet.

Hussain, a social media user, suggested to the Commissioner to put a GPS tag on his pet dog so that next time it would not get lost.

Dog worth Rs400,000

According to the police, the dog is a rare breed of the German shepherd and its market price is PKR400,000 (Dhs9,056).