#JusticeforMadiha trends on Twitter after alleged rape and murder Image Credit: Twitter

Dubai: Horrific news of an eight-year-old being allegedly raped and murdered in Hangu, Pakistan has shocked the country and netizens are demanding justice.

The body of a girl, identified as Madiha, was found in Saro Khel village, Hangu District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Sunday, February 16. It is believed that she had been missing since Saturday before being found.

Pakistani television channel, Dunya News reported that she her relatives and villagers started looking for her and found her body in bushes after she went missing Saturday afternoon.

Reportedly, enraged villagers and family members blocked the main road as a form of protest and demanded justice.

After police got involved the protesters ended the demonstration, Dunya News reported.

Conflicting reports have emerged about Madiha’s age with some stating that she was seven years old and others saying that she was nine.

Netizens enraged

The hashtags #JusticeforMadiha and #HangtheRapists soon trended on Twitter in the country. Social media users demanded justice for the victim and questioned the justice system in Pakistan.

User @aeman_batool tweeted: “[...] Another day, another justice for trend! Won't be the last if we don't ensure rule of law. #justiceformadiha #hangTheRapists”

Tweep @Abasmil demanded action: “Everyone is requested to raise the voice [for] #Madiha and hang their killers immediately please.”

Some questioned why the incident occurred in the first place. Twitter user @RehanZeb21 wrote: “Another tragedy. A 7-year-old Madiha girl was brutally murdered in New Surkhel, Hangu District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. How long will this cruelty and brutality continue? In fact, our system is not capable of preventing such incidents. #justiceforMadiha”

User @Garsanay questioned whether children are protected in the country: “Are our kids safe? Not really we need more strict punishments for child abuse and sexual harassment. #JusticeForMadiha”

Some took to their accounts to tweet at Shireen Mazari, currently Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Human Rights.

Twitter user @1947Umair wrote: “Another day. Another child. Where is the @ShireenMazari1? Don't you have any responsibility? #JusticeForMadiha”

Currently, Mazari has not commented on the issue.

In the past, Mazari has come under scrutiny for failing to take prompt action against violence.