Musharraf and his wife Sehba talk to a group of Pakistani women in Dubai. Musharraf spoke about the role of women in the modern world. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Former Pakistan president retired General Pervez Musharraf said that Pakistani women are outperforming men and are playing an important role in the development of their country.

"We need to introduce a new political culture where the educated class, women and youth all come forward and get involved in the political process," he said while speaking to a group of Pakistani expatriate women in Dubai.

Musharraf talked about the role of women in the modern world and said they can play a big role in influencing the public opinion in Pakistan and make a huge difference at every level — especially in changing the political scene in their country.


The former president and his wife Sehba were invited to a meeting by a cross section of Pakistani expatriate women residing and working in UAE.

The event was attended by social workers, professionals, students, teachers and housewives.

Musharraf, who has been gearing up support for his recently launched political party All Pakistan Muslim League (APML), spoke on the importance of the emancipation of women and the role that they have been playing in the development of Pakistan.

Musharraf also highlighted some important steps which he took during his tenure as president to safeguard the rights of women and improve their plight.


He spoke about the Women Protection Act which his government passed to provide legal protection to women against any kind of harassment in public or at their work places.

He recalled how difficult it was to amend and correct the Hudood Ordinance in favour of Women.

He was congratulated by the audience on reserving seats for women in the legislative assemblies which has empowered women at a grassroots level.

Musharraf told women that he would continue his economic agenda to drive Pakistan's economy at the same pace at which it grew during his last tenure, if he wins the next elections.