Hindu family from Pakistan found dead in India
A Hindu family of migrants from Pakistan found dead in India Image Credit: Twitter

Eleven members of a family of Pakistani Hindu migrants were found dead at a farm in the Indian state of Rajasthan's Jodhpur district on the morning of August 9, police told local media outlets.

The bodies of two men, four women and five children were found at the scene.

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A member of the family, however, was found alive outside the hut they lived at in the Lodta village of the Dechu area, over 100 kilometres away from Jodhpur city, Indian media outlets reported.

"But he claimed to have no idea about the incident, which believed to have happened in the night," Superintendent of Police (Rural) Rahul Barhat was quoted as saying.

"We are yet to ascertain the cause and means of death. They appeared to have committed suicide by consuming some chemical in the night," Barhat added.

The issue was discussed on social media.

Tweep @Orthodox_Ahmad posted pictures from the scene and wrote: "11 hindus who came in India … found dead in Rajasthan."

Reports of a smell of chemicals, namely pesticides, have emerged, suggesting that it could be a case of mass suicide due to consumption of a poisonous substance.

According to media reports, the family belonging to the Bhil community had come to India from Pakistan's Sindh province in 2015 on a long-term visa. They had been living at the Lodta village farm, which they had hired for farming, for the past six months.

"There was neither any injury mark on any of the bodies nor any evidence of any foul play. But we have roped in a forensic team and a dog squad before arriving at any conclusion," Barhat was quoted as saying.

Initial investigations suggested that there might have been a dispute in the family over an issue.

"Once we interrogate the survivor, we would be in a position to find out what had led to this incident," the police personnel added.

According to a police officer, the victims lived under threat from the family of their daughter-in-law, the wife of 35-year-old Kewal Ram, the surviving member of the family.

"She has been living with her family in Jodhpur for the past some time due to some dispute," the police officer was quoted as saying, hinting that it might have been a possible trigger for their suicide.

According to Ram, they had dinner between 9pm and 10pm on Saturday night and went to sleep.

"I went to guard our crop from animals and slept there," was quoted as saying.

In the morning, when he came back, he found all his family members dead.

"I then called my nephew who rushed to the spot with some other persons and informed the police," Ram was quoted as saying.

The bodies have been sent for an autopsy in Jodhpur and a medical board has been formed to find out the cause of their death, Indian news media reported.