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A glass of water is all a family in Pakistan had for iftar. The father could not bear seeing his children's condition, so he reportedly ended his life later that night. The tragic incident shed light on the struggles the poor are facing in the country amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The man’s wife, Amna Bibi, described the incident during a live television interview on Samaa TV, a Pakistani news and entertainment television network.

She said that the father could not provide food for the family and later that night, took pills and ended his life.

Bibi added that the day her husband took his life, the family had been hungry for five days. The exact location and day on which the incident occurred are unclear.

The new report went viral online with many tweeps from Pakistan sharing screenshots of it.

User @Mustafa_Memon5 wrote: “Most painful news.”

Some like Twitter user @Saraahahahaha asked for her details to extend help: “Just saw that tweet about woman Amna Bibi whose husband ate [poison] ‘cause his children were hungry. Anyone of you know any address or contact where we can donate for her please tell me. DM [direct message] comment rt [retweet] anything I need to get to her please.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic numerous instances of the poor suffering in Pakistan have emerged. Recently, a video of a Karachi rickshaw driver unable to pay rent or buy food was shared online.